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4 of the Most Eye-Catching Muralists in the World

We can put just about anything our customers ask for up on a wall. For those times when customers aren’t sure what they want, we like to keep our eyes open to inspiration from the art world. Let’s take a look at few examples of eye-catching awesomeness.

“The 3D Graffiti Grand Master” is an English artist who creates art that seems to pop out from the walls. He uses cellophane (as opposed to the more durable vinyl we use) to make magical feasts for the eyes. He likes to paint in abandoned industrial areas. As he explained in a 2014 interview, he senses the ghost of heavy industry, “which really helps breathe some afterlife into the murals and installations.”

Seth Womble
The ocean is Womble’s primary motivation. He has certainly spent time in many of them as he’s traveled the world making beautiful murals. His 2006 painting of a family of whales on the side of an above-ground water reservoir in Lennox Head, Australia is an example of this artist’s ability to transform the mundane into something breathtaking.

This Russian street artist goes only by this moniker because, like the famous public graffiti artist Banksy, P183’s art often goes against the grain. This mural painting of a masked protestor appearing to lift the concrete wall like it’s a sheet to do some damage with the flair in his hand is an excellent example. Whatever his politics, we like this guy’s style.

Ministry of Design
Colin Seah runs this Singapore-based creative shop that seeks to “question, disturb & redefine” spaces. For example, this office wall mural for Leo Burnett is a drawing of the company’s founder that seeps down from the ceiling, through the wall and into the floor where it ends in the point of a giant pencil seemingly held by the hand of God. Awesome.

Starocket Media
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