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Right Place, Right Time: How Starocket Wrapped Cook & Belle’s Trailer

It’s a good thing Bret Cook likes Tim Wilson’s truck.

Three years ago, Starocket owner Tim Wilson had no idea he’d be wrapping a trailer for Cook & Belle, one of the most beloved husband-and-wife country duos in the Midwest. They’re certainly stars here in the place they call home: Delaware County, Indiana.

Tim took a chance on a networking group called the Community Business Connector. The group meets at the Innovation Connector in Muncie once a week to learn about what other members do and help each other’s businesses grow.

That’s where he met a marketing specialist named Carey Cook.

“We hit it off,” Tim said. “He does web design work, I do graphics. We had a lot of mutual interests, including a commitment to making our clients happy.”

Carey told him his brother was looking to have some work done.

Guess who his brother was?

Carey passed Tim’s card along to Bret. Tim and Carey kept in touch. A couple years later, Bret called.

“He needed us to wrap the band’s trailer,” Tim said. “Bret said he’d heard good things about us and asked for a meeting.”

So Tim climbed into his truck on a warm, sunny day and headed to Yorktown to meet Bret Cook. The other Cook turned out to be just as nice as his brother.

“He was a personable, laid back guy. I met him in the off season so he had shorts and flip-flops on. Just a regular dude, not a rock star. He was super easy to talk to. We even got to talking about life for a bit,” Tim said.

Bret was so nice that Tim could just barely tell the questions Bret was asking about Starocket’s installation process might suggest concerns with the work of a previous installer. Tim knew he needed to be thorough.

Tim showed Bret his truck.

If you’ve ever seen Tim’s truck you know it’s wrapped to be seen. The design may change from time to time but you’ll always see bright colors from neon green to purple and of course the unmistakable Starocket Media logo. The wrap job is as meticulous as the work Starocket does for clients.

“He picked over my truck quite a bit,” Tim said with a smile. “He asked how we got it to look so ‘clean’? That is, how we got the vinyl to look so paintlike around the edges.”

Bret was impressed that Starocket takes the time to remove parts like door handles to avoid leaving exposed edges that peel over time.

With a handshake, the deal was made. Bret wanted to create the design himself. He just needed a template and a dependable installer. Starocket more than fit the bill.

Tim recognizes it all started because he simply showed up at that networking event.

“Networking is so important,” Tim said. “You never know how people can help you or how you can help them down the road.”

Check out Cook & Belle’s trailer on the road this summer. A full concert schedule is available on their Facebook page.