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5 Reasons Why EVERY Brewery Should Wrap Their Delivery Vehicles

You think your customer is the bar owner. You’re right … but if you don’t go after their customers and capture an audience of bar patrons, you know exactly how valuable you are to your direct buyers.

Like a glass of foam: all head, no substance.

With a ground-up strategy to create demand for your product among beer drinkers you’ll have bar owners begging you for the next shipment. Here are 5 reasons vehicle wraps will help get you there.

  1. Catch people on their way to the bar.

Americans love beer. U.S. consumers of drinking age are gulping down just over half a gallon of beer and cider per week per person. About one in 10 (24.3M out of 235M) do their beer drinking in a bar.

Chances are pretty damn good your target customer is heading to the bar this weekend. Will they see you on the road between now and then?

  1. People are far less likely to see a sign at your place.

Unless you’re a brewpub serving over 25% of product direct to consumers (less than a quarter of U.S. breweries qualify), your physical location isn’t a highly frequented destination.

Beers drinkers are far more likely to interact with your brand through mobile outdoor advertising than a stationary sign at the brewery.

  1. Your product must be good.

It generally costs less to wrap vehicles in vinyl rather than get a paint job. It looks awesome (when done by skilled, professional installers) and makes you look like you’re rolling in Benjamins when you’re a microbrewer who still feels lucky to have a few Washingtons left over at the end of the week.

Expensive-looking advertising = successful-looking (i.e. DUH-licious) beer.

  1. End the road rage, spread the love.

Wrapping your vehicle is a humanitarian practice. It’s like you’re telling them, “Driving is stressful … here, think about beer.” Cheers, honks and expressions of undying love are common for the wrapped beer truck.

Don’t be surprised when your delivery drivers achieve rock star status this way.

  1. Now they’re looking for you.

Don’t rely on the bartender to recommend your product; put it in the patron’s mind before they even darken the bar door. Do you sell to liquor stores? Grocery stores? Same logic.

You know they’re looking for beer. You know they’re driving to it. So far, so good.

All that’s left is to let Starocket Media install a wrap that entices them to say those magic words:

“I saw this truck that said ____ on it on the way here. You guys carry that?”