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Here’s How You Can Wield the Power of Inspiration Every Day

Advertising is not about selling products. It never has been.

If it was, all billboards would be menus. “Here’s what we offer. Here’s how much it costs and how to contact us.” Simple. Anyone who needs what you have to offer will call, right?

Any marketing professional will tell you that’s just not how it works. Advertising is not about selling – that happens later – advertising is about inspiration.

Inspiration is a powerful tool beyond the world of advertising, of course. It doesn’t always lead someone to a sale. It does often lead them to take action. It almost always makes people feel something. For example …


When we wrapped the wall of the University Estates weight room, we were doing more than “selling” apartments by highlighting amenities. We were providing ongoing motivation for people who take physical fitness seriously. Images of determined body builders challenge gym users every day.


The wall wrap for the Farmhouse Creative office doesn’t help Farmhouse sell marketing services. It provides them with a peaceful space to work and meet with clients that inspires creativity. We love how the blue, partly cloudy sky over a sprawling field adds just the sense of depth that suits creative thinking.


We were honored to wrap the wall outside the VA of Erie, Pennsylvania. The soldier motif is meant to inspire the sense of pride the VA’s clients feel from knowing they’ve sacrificed for their country. There was no “sale” to be made other than selling the community on the VA’s value as those who see it stop to consider what others have sacrificed for their freedoms.


We love Southern Tier Brewing Company’s design lining the bottom of its truck with heaps of bright green hops. Beer lovers are immediately inspired by the sense of the craft of beermaking … and that naturally makes us thirsty.

You can’t sell beer until you make people thirsty, or a gym membership until you get them pumped, or a marketing package until they’re at peace with the idea, or an idea of an organization’s value until they know what it stands for.

That’s what we do here at Starocket Media. Call us and start inspiring people today.