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Learn How to “Pre-suade” Your Customers with Graphics

You do a lot of reading, right?

According to Robert Cialdini, just being asked that question makes you far more likely to go read a book. Since we’re talking about his new book Pre-Suasion there’s an even better chance that will be the one.

Pre-suasion is the practice of “gaining agreement with a message before it’s been sent.” Sounds like magic. It’s actually science.


Cialdini told Forbes about researchers that asked one group of people for help with a marketing study. Only 29% agreed to participate. They prepped the second group with the question, “Do you consider yourself a helpful person?” Then they asked them to participate.

77.3% volunteered.

Cialdini had an experience like this that gave him the idea to write the book. The dean of the university where he was going to be teaching told him by phone about his office, new computer, staff support and every wonderful detail … right before asking him to teach an extra class.

He said yes, even though he didn’t want to. Why? He’d been buttered up. The dean had filled him with feelings of gratitude that overcame any objections he had to the heftier workload in that moment. He said he probably would have said no if the dean had asked the next day.

Timing, in other words, is everything.


In another study, sofa shoppers were shown either fluffy clouds or small coins in the background of the website. Fluffy cloud viewers were primed for softness and more likely to spend more on comfort; small coin viewers were more likely to buy cheaper models.

The background image was present immediately before the product options were given. The pre-suasion immediately preceded the argument. It focused each individual’s attention on what the researchers wanted them to pay attention to: comfort or price.

So … you want to put your customers in the frame of mind to buy your product, right?


If the imagery you use is important, you have to have the right graphics. We can help you with that.

If the time between viewing the image and having the opportunity to buy is important, you have to have your graphics in the right place. We can help you with that, too.

Vehicle wraps, signs, wall wraps … the last images your customers see before they enter your place of business are essential to putting them in the right state of mind to do what you want them to do.

Just ask them to and maybe 29% of them will buy. Not bad.

Contact us and find out what 77.3% feels like.