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Box Truck Wraps

Why waste money on traditional advertising when you can reach new clients and promote your business with Box Truck Wraps.

Advertising in magazines and in the phone book is expensive and might not give you the return you want.  Take charge of your business and become your own advertiser!  We have the solution for your companies marketing needs.  Box Truck Wraps are becoming one of the most cost effective ways to get your company recognized.  Starocket Media Box Truck Wraps should be your first and only stop for all of your advertising and marketing needs.  Starocket Media will design, print and install your Box Truck Wrap all for a affordable price!

Starocket Media designs high-end ads at affordable prices!  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.  Installing a Box Truck Wrap is taking advantage of the flat, open space that makes up your truck’s cargo area.  A Box Truck Wrap is essentially a large sticker printed on high-quality adhesive vinyl material.  It is then shrink wrapped onto a smooth surface.  Instantly you are marketing to every single person who see’s your Box Truck Wrap.

The flat surface on your Box Truck is ideal for logos, business/service information, marketing graphics, product pictures, promotions and any kind of advertisement.  You can be parked on the street or stuck in traffic on the freeway and yourBox Truck Wrap will be noticed!  According to a recent study by the American Trucking Association, an incredible 91% of people notice vehicle graphics.

Carefully Choose the right box truck wrap for you:

There are two types of Box Truck Wraps, temporary promotions and long term promotions.  You choose the quality of the vinyl material used based on the duration of the wrap.  Temporary Box Truck Wraps are great for short term promotions since the graphics can be quickly installed and removed without any damage to your box truck.  Temporary Box Truck Wraps last a few months up to a year.   It is important to specify your needs so that Starocket Media can provide you with the best pricing.

You have many options with temporary graphics, they can easily be removed and cleaned and even be placed on rental trucks.  You don’t have to invest in your own box truck to take advantage of a billboard on wheels.

Long term Box Truck Wraps are guaranteed to last around four or five years.  Really good materials last up to seven years.

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