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Fleet Wraps

Fleet Wraps advertising is increasing in popularity simply because it works!

A well-design fleet wrap will be able to catch the attention of 91% of people who are able to see it while on the road.  Colorful fleet wraps with interesting designs will definitely make people stop and stare.

If you would like to increase public awareness of your business, product or brand, a fleet wrap can help you reach your business marketing goals.  It is an effective way in disseminating information about your business or brand.  Vinyl is flexible and can easily be designed and installed to your fleet. Fleet wraps are also hassle-free to clean and remove as well.  Fleet Wrap vinyl also adds protection to your fleet from vehicle damage, scratches or wear and tear.  Fleet wraps are highly adhesive, but do not damage the original vehicle paint at all.

Vinyl Fleet Wraps is affordable compared to traditional advertising techniques because you can use your existing business vehicles as the primary advertising carrier.  No need to buy billboard space or buy airtime.  There are no recurring costs and you can have the fleet wraps changed as often as you want since they are easy to install and affordable.

Why are Fleet Wraps better than paint?

The answer to this is quite simple. Unlike paint, fleet wraps are easy to install. All installers need to do is measure, cut, and install the vinyl material within minutes. Fleet advertising by using paint can be quite tedious. It also takes a longer time to finish and it is harder to take off or cover as well. A fleet wrap is so much cheaper than paint. Your company will literally save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by opting to choose a fleet wrap instead.

Fleet wraps are undeniably a powerful marketing and advertising medium, when used strategically, not only will your business enjoy maximum visibility and exposure, but soaring high sales, profits, and opportunities as well!

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