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Vehicle Graphics

In the business world today you cannot just exist… you have to stand out! With vehicle wraps and graphics you can take your business from ordinary to off the charts extraordinary!

Using a durable 3M material this product has a natural gloss finish that can withstand years, and years of sun exposure, while protecting your existing paint underneath.

This is a great way to revamp your companies advertising and start making your competitors envious with your new vehicle graphics!


  • 3M High-Gloss durable material
  • Vibrant colors that are almost limitless
  • Protects existing paint surface of vehicle
  • Easily Repairable
  • Long lasting
  • Allows for regular washing/cleaning (car wash safe)
  • Moving Billboard that can be seen by thousands
  • Can be removed without damaging vehicle finish


On-vehicle graphics

We provide everything from temporary, removable imaging to permanent vehicle graphics, including spot graphics, full wraps, and more.

Design and engineering

Our design team can create a brand-building look from scratch or convert your artwork to properly fit any vehicle.

On-site installation and updates

You can trust Starocket Media’s certified installers to apply your truck graphics wherever your fleet is located.

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