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Vehicle Wrap Disclaimer

Since we have no control over how you care for your vehicle, here are things that we can guarantee.

  • We recommend hand washing all wrapped vehicles. Absolutely no pressure washing.
  • You will be charged for cleaning of the vehicle if it is dirty upon arrival.
  • A “vehicle wrap” is not a paint job, but can save you thousands of dollars for such detail.
  • You may see some imperfections on certain hard line contour areas.
  • Even though we always try to have zero overlapping panels, we can’t always guarantee that.
  • We use the best quality film available to us. We also over-laminate the film for extra fade and scratch protection.
  • We warrantee the film for 3 years for fading and de-lamination when applied to a good factory paint job. Expect 5 to 7 years of use for your wrapped ride!
  • We inspect the vehicle for imperfections and 99% of the time have no problems when removing the film if the wrap is taken off. If you have a less than perfect paint job, there can be minimal lifting of paint or clear coating.
  • We will inspect the vehicle for troubled paint or rust areas and note that there is not a guarantee that the film will hold up on those spots.
  • If you have waxed your car repeatedly, it must be de-waxed before we wrap your vehicle
  • Never attempt to take off the wrap yourself, always let the professionals here handle that for you.
  • No rear wiper, scraper or defroster should ever be used on perforated window graphics. You may use a soft brush
  • On certain inverted areas and body contours, you may see some lifting of the vinyl. We will touch up those areas for free for the first year. We use a special primer adhesive on those areas, but can’t guarantee those vinyl “lifts” won’t happen. We can’t replace a panel just for a simple vinyl lift, but do our best to work it back into the valley of the inverted contour.
  • Plan on leaving your “cleaned” vehicle with us for 3-4 days.

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