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Vehicle Wrap Financing

Vehicle Wrap Financing

With our vehicle wrap financing program, it has never been easier for your company to get the benefits of vehicle wrap advertising. How much money did your vehicle make you last month? How much money will your vehicle wrap make you next month? With our affordable vehicle wrap financing program you can put your vehicle to work while making low monthly payments. A vehicle wrap can make your business a significant profit when designed by the right company, and that company is Starocket Media. Starocket Media creates any type of wrap from mild to wild that will generate leads for your business.

We offer financing so you can obtain a vehicle wrap for your vehicles. You can get approved within minutes, and you can be approved even if you are a new business or individual. You can even secure multiple wraps for different vehicles. Loan amounts range from $500-5000.

If you are interested in our financing program just give us a call at 765-212-9914 for a quote and then we can get you our simple one page vehicle wrap financing application. Our financing covers everything from design to print and installation.

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