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Vehicle Wrap Questions

Here are a few vinyl graphics FAQ, if you have any more questions that are not answered on this page please contact us!


Q: What are vehicle graphics/wraps?

A: Vehicle graphics or any type of vinyl graphic is just one large sheet that is printed directly on by a large format printer.  Next a thin second layer of vinyl is applied called laminate that protects from UV fading and scratching.  Then we carefully heat the vinyl directly to your vehicle for a perfect fit.


Q: Will vinyl wraps cause damage to my paint or surface being wrapped?

A: No at all, the car wrapping vinyl will actually protect the paint that it’s covering. Professional removal is also recommended.


Q: How long does the vinyl last?

A: This answer can depend on the type of vinyl being used and the surface to which it is applied.  High quality vehicle wraps can last anywhere from 5-7 years if professionally installed.  Wall and floor wraps can be a shorter amount of time due to surfaces and amount of traffic.


Q: Are wrinkles, bubbles and seams normal?

A: Many wraps have wrinkles, bubbles and seams once installed. It is possible to prevent or repair some if not all wrinkles and bubbles. It is also possible to prevent many seams. Large size, complex curves and even your “cost budget” create the possibility of wrinkles, bubbles and seams. It is important to discuss expectations and limitations with your designer. If you would like for your vehicle to be seamless or “show quality”, please mention this as it will usually be an additional cost.

Q: What if my graphics are damaged?  Can only a section be replaced?

A: Yes this is a very simple solution.  We can print only the section required to repair the graphic, the whole does not need to be redone.  Often insurance will cover this cost.


Q: Why is a full wrap more beneficial than a partial wrap?

A: Full wraps cover most or all of the paint on a vehicle while partial wraps cover only part of the vehicle. Even though Full Wraps are more expensive they give a larger “canvas” for your designer to work with and therefore give your vehicle graphics more visual impact. In addition, Full Wraps protect all of the original paint underneath instead of just part of the paint. This is critical when the wrap is removed since fading and scratches can result on the unprotected paint of a Partial Wrap. As a result, Full Wraps tend to protect or even increase the resale value of vehicles more than Partial Wraps.


Q: How do I justify the cost of a wrap?

A: There is no more cost -effective advertising method and there is also no more cost effective customization/personalization method available than Wraps.

Studies have shown that Wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising available today. In a city of 50,000, a Wrap can get over 8 million views per year. Obviously, in higher traffic areas, you get more attention. Many people who get their vehicle wrapped park it outside of their business near a busy intersection for maximum exposure. A Wrap works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it’s a one-time advertising expense, unlike other traditional media like radio, television or even yellow pages. As a specific example, one study from 3M shows that you would have to spend over $130,000 on television ads to generate equivalent annual impressions of a $3,500 Wrap!

Wraps can also customize/personalize better than any other method and have unique benefits over custom painting. For example, many photographic and artistic elements simply can’t be reproduced perfectly by painting or air-brushing. But the single most important benefit of wrapping over custom painting is that a wrap can often be easily removed or repaired. In fact, wraps are often used to “protect” the original paint underneath, which actually increases the resale value of many vehicles. However, removal of wraps on walls without damage has been shown to be difficult.


Q: What if I am not located in your city?  How do I get my graphic applied?

A: We travel all over the United States. If we can not make it we can find someone locally to install the wrap for us.


Q: Can I wash my car after it’s been wrapped?

A: Yes you can!  We would like for you to treat your new vehicle graphics wrap like paint.  You can even wax it!  The only thing you want to avoid is high pressure hand held washers.  They could drive water under the vinyl and cause peeling.


Q: How soon can I wash the vehicle once wrapped?

A: This answer can depend on the weather.  If it’s summer a couple of days is usually sufficient before you wash it.  If it’s 20 degrees we usually ask you to wait at least 2 weeks.  No matter what season it is please do not take your vehicle to a high pressure wash facility.  The high pressure on the edge of the graphics can cause damage to your wrap.

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